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Sony Honored as One of
“2023 World’s Most Ethical Companies” for 5th consecutive year

March 14, 2023

Sony Exhibits at CES® 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jan 5, 2023

‘Sony Research Award Program’ Now Accepting Submissions focused on Emerging and Innovative Technological Development

July 15, 2022

Sony accelerates target to achieve a zero environmental footprint by ten years

May 18, 2022

 Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 marks two years since its establishment. During the past two years, Sony has provided a total of approximately 65 million U.S. dollars to approximately 5,600 organizations.

April 28, 2022

Sony Honoured as One of “2022 World’s Most Ethical Companies”
March 16, 2022
Sony Technology Day
Dec 6th-8th, 2021

‘Sony Research Award Program’ Expands to India and further in Europe as it Enters its Sixth Year

July 15, 2021
Sony Group Donates $1 Million in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in India
April 30, 2021
Sony Honored as One of “2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies”
Feb 24, 2021

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Sony Research India

Sony Research India Private Limited was established in July 2020 as a research company in India as part of Sony’s global R&D centres. Delivering Excitement, Passion, Joy, and Compassion to the World, all is possible with the diverse research opportunities we offer at Sony Research India. We venture into entertainment, healthcare also support creators expand their creativity with innovative AI applications. Sony Research India is a place to apply a wide range of technologies to inspire emotion in new fields.

Research Areas

Sony’s business portfolio includes products and services that ”move people’s hearts”, “connect people to people” and “support people.” Such a diverse business portfolio leads to our purpose to ”fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology” and our management direction as “getting closer to people.” Sony’s diverse businesses are empowered by our wide range of research areas pursued through its “3R Technology” – Reality, Real-time, and Remote.

Data Science Technology

Analysis of Big Data to find key insights through active research in understanding customer patterns and behaviors in entertainment and other businesses of Sony in India

Artificial Intelligence Technology

We perform applied research on Machine Learning algorithms that find its applications into products and services of Sony

Audio & Video Processing Technology

Research and Development on recognition technologies (face, eye, human, animal, object recognition) using deep learning from the audio-visual contents

Emerging Technologies

We identify future scenarios of how society, industry, and people’s thinking may change over the decade. From these emerging future scenarios, we research the latest technologies to be developed


The diversity of Sony’s businesses and people is one of our strengths and a driver for creating value. We take pride in having a vibrant culture, which nurtures individual talent, celebrates differences and values contributions from a diverse workforce. We craft an environment where our people can walk their dreams to discovery and pave a path for them to imagine, explore, create and learn endlessly. If you’re ready to join a diverse team at an innovation-led company with the power to change lives, then, get in touch and together, let’s make the world say wow.
Sony’s diverse business portfolio including Life Science, Robotics, sensing technologies, entertainment and many other products and services “fills the world with emotions”, “connects with people” and “pursues the future with curiosity”. Such a diverse business portfolio lets Sony “get closer to people” and is enabled by our wide range of research areas pursued through its “3R Technology” – Reality, Real-time, and Remote.

Open Innovation

We encourage open innovation in India by fostering partnerships with universities and researchers. We establish synergies that last long, so as to innovate on cutting-edge technologies from India. We strive to be a catalyst to hone and nurture Indian research talent.


Working at Sony Research India is not just a job, it is you stepping into the ‘World of Wonder’. Here is a platform full of endless creativity, openness, collaboration and innovation. Are you ready?
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