Sony Research India was established in July 2020 as a research company and is part of Sony’s Global Research Organization. Here, we aim to create an impact in India through our research capabilities in the fields of entertainment, healthcare and sustainable developments. We are committed to developing environmentally sustainable strategies to minimize damage to human lives and assets by providing technologies and solutions.
We strive to accelerate research by forging collaborations with academic and industry partnerships and are driving cutting-edge research and development in collaboration with our global laboratories in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia. We work towards creating new technologies, products, and services while sustaining Sony’s diverse businesses in India.
We seek to foster the growth of a diverse pool of engineering talent to drive research excellence worldwide and offer outstanding career opportunities in the area of frontline technologies, including core Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Data Science, Life Science and more.




Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.


Dreams & Curiosity

Pioneer the future with dreams and curiosity.


Pursue the creation of the very best by harnessing diversity and varying viewpoints.

Integrity & Sincerity

Earn the trust for the Sony brand through ethical and responsible conduct.


Fulfill our stakeholder responsibilities through disciplined business practices.



Michael Spranger

Director Representative
Sony Research India will engage in research and development of unprecedented disruptive technologies in the coming years, that aims to empower creators to maximize their creativity and move society forward.
As a global research organization, Sony Research takes an expansive view on who is a creator. It’s artists of all kinds: animators, graphic artists, filmmakers, and musicians. It is also technologists, innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists.

We believe extraordinary innovation requires diversity in people and methods; AI should be developed and deployed in a responsible, fair and transparent way; and technology should serve social good. We hold ourselves accountable to these tenets as we conduct research, create technology, form partnerships, and build our team.

We want our team to have the right mindset from the start, which means putting humans at the centre of our research and creating an impact that empowers society. The journey to address huge challenges has just started at Sony Research India and I hope there are many exciting technology breakthroughs to come. Technology advances can provide great tools of empowerment – however we all need to make sure that we can realize the potential together.
India is a global economic powerhouse and an “opportunity destination” for artists, content creators, game developers, technology researchers and engineers. Our efforts in India are aligned with Sony’s Purpose of ‘filling the world with emotion’ and we strive to push the boundaries and go beyond what is expected.

Please join us to pioneer the future together.

Dr. C.C. Lee

Director Reprenstative

We are in the midst of an unprecedented health crisis and the world is still grasping and coping with how our lives are changing due to this pandemic. Despite this, India shows great promise of emerging into a technological and economic powerhouse through the coming decades.

Also, the current health crisis has reminded us of the need for accessible healthcare solutions in our country. Our research will explore and strive to contribute to the well-being of the society.

At Sony, as we leverage on advancement in Al and data mining together, our research aims to deliver technologies that bring reality closer to people.

We seek the risk-takers, the collaborators, the inspired and the inspirational!

We look for those who are brave enough to work on cutting-edge technology and create solutions that enrich the lives of people across the globe. If you want to make the world say WOW, let’s talk!

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