Open Innovation

Innovation and Sony Research India have an inseparable synergy and we look to be a catalyst to the massive research trends in India. Sony Research India wishes to create the best of innovations, anchoring the young talented minds to pioneer the research of their dreams. Sony Research India is committed to promote Open Innovation in India by fostering partnerships with university faculty and researchers. This has enabled Sony to establish lasting synergies and establish initiatives to innovate technologies from India and nurture Indian research talent. We have funded multiple projects and collaborated with top tier Indian universities including IITs and IISc for cutting-edge academic research which has established a strong rapport and camaraderie between the faculty and Sony’s researchers. This is significantly benefiting the young researchers to learn and explore their creativity endlessly.

Message From our Leader on Open Innovation

“Research collaborations with Top-Tier institutes in India was one of my first roles when establishing our R&D center in India. We believe such Open Innovation with excellent professors will enable Sony to create new technologies for India by combining academic research with our industrial expertise.”

Naoyuki Onoe

Associate Director, Sony Research India


We have collaborated with the best, to give our researchers the best opportunities and platforms to soar professionally and creatively.

Deep Neural Networks for Image Analysis: Object Detection and Recognition

Deep Learning based Joint Fingerprint Verification and Liveness Detection

Automatic Speech Separation for Music Analysis using Deep Learning methods

Novel multi-modal recommendation system for online video recommendation

Hear from our collaborator

“I have worked with Sony Research India labs on the interesting problem of speech to singing conversion and the automatic transcription of music. The collaboration has been rewarding and has resulted in advancing the research as well as in publications. The students involved in the project work also got an opportunity to learn the topics in industry relevant research. We will look forward to future collaborations with Sony Research India team.”

Prof. Sriram Ganapathy

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering, Learning and Extraction of Acoustic Patterns (LEAP) lab Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore

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