Content Analysis & Recognition Technology

We analyse audio and video content using Deep Learning technologies to extract meaningful metadata, classify content, build speech recognition system among other purposes.
  • Metadata extraction consists of several Machine Learning (ML) models, each essentially created and trained to extract meaningful information i.e., metadata from the media content. Such metadata can improve the discoverability and accessibility of digital objects and provide detailed context to users.
  • For example, we are developing novel Deep Learning models for Image Processing Technologies to recognize custom objects, summarize video contents or actions depicted in the video.
  • We are building a high-quality Speech Recognition system to transcribe media content in low data resourced Indian languages and address pressing research problems such as Speaker Diarization, Noise Cancellation, Speaker Recognition, etc.

Content Generation

Content creation is the process of generating media in the form of audio, video or text for consumption in different contexts.
  • We work on AI-based advanced speech generation technology for emotional and singing voice synthesis for Indian languages.
  • Our model uses state-of-the-art technology that takes text as an input and generates high-quality speech signal with control over varied emotion and speaker identity.
  • We develop novel content creation using advanced Generative AI models that will significantly influence the adaptation of technology in the multimedia and entertainment industry.

Content Distribution

Content distribution involves sharing, publishing and promoting content to an audience for their consumption through various channels and media formats.
  • We are developing innovative and scalable solutions to cater to the needs of various video content distribution platforms.
  • We have been actively researching to optimize Per-Title and Per-Shot encoding approaches for video-on-demand services.
  • Our research is focused towards improving the quality of viewing experience with 8K and HDR content that exceeds the expectations of viewers.

Data Science

We aim to gain insights from big data by combining aspects of different fields for decision-making purposes.
  • We work on developing novel data science models by applying State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to connect directly to 1 Billion users through our entertainment businesses in India.
  • We develop technologies including Sequential Neural models, Causal Machine Learning techniques and Graph Neural Networks based methodologies to improve user experience in the entertainment domain.
  • We analyse the user behaviour data to develop multiple novel AI techniques to improve current pattern recognitions of complex user behaviour.

Life Science/ Healthcare Technology

Healthcare Technology aims at Digital Transformation of healthcare domain in India with the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • We focus on developing solutions using novel AI/ML technologies for early-stage diagnosis to support Indian healthcare system.
  • We are designing systems that will be self-operated, user-friendly and can be easily adopted by both target users and healthcare professionals.
  • We are working to bridge the infrastructure gap between the rural and urban areas by addressing challenges such as shortage of doctors, complex diagnosis and lack of accessibility to hospitals.


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