Research Areas

Sony’s business portfolio includes products and services that ”move people’s hearts”, “connect people to people” and “support people.”
Such a diverse business portfolio leads to our purpose to “fill the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology,” and our management direction as “getting closer to people.” Sony’s diverse businesses are empowererd by our wide range of research areas pursued at Sony Research India alongside other R&D centers of Sony worldwide.

Data Science Technology

  • Analysis of Big Data to find key insights through active research in understanding customer patterns and behaviours in entertainment and other businesses of Sony in India
  • Sony Research India plans to support other Sony business units using the state-of-the-art research in Data Science and other related technologies
  • Innovative ideas of Hybrid models including combination of classical statistics, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and other such methods are actively pursued research

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Technology

  • Research and its application in Artificial Intelligence to help unleash human imagination and creativity
  • Researching AI techniques that empower the imagination and creativity of our customers
  • Applied research on Machine Learning algorithms that find its applications into products and services of Sony
  • AI/ML is the core technology to various projects in Data Science and other such domains. Sony Research India is continuously innovating this core technology (AI/ML) which has great potential to directly influence the way we live our lives in this modern world
  • Research at Sony in AI/ML technologies are not only for products and applications, but also for creators and artists in the world of movies, music and other walks of entertainment

Audio & Video Processing Technology

  • Research on audio & video processing to enhance the creation of digital contents by using machine learning and other state-of-the-art technologies
  • Research and Development on recognition technologies (face, eye, human, animal, object recognition) using deep learning from the audio-visual with integrated speech contents
  • Content creating technologies by utilizing various recognizers and classifiers to understand the context and create audio-visual content
  • First-of-its-kind, one-of-its-kind challenge in creating technologies for the Indian entertainment

New Emerging Technologies

  • Research on technologies that are fast emerging among research communities as well as tech companies across the world
  • Research on Technological advancements in Healthcare – Life Science, Sensors and Material Science, Interfaces and User Experience including Customer Personalization
  • Creating the Next -Gen future of consumer products and services through active research in such emerging technologies

Healthcare Technology

  • Partnering with citizens, doctors, and healthcare providers to create a digital health ecosystem.
  • Addressing healthcare challenges such as Infrastructure gap between urban and rural areas, Shortage of doctors and Poor transportation in the country by using AI/ML technology.
  • Providing healthcare technology by leveraging affordable mobile internet data services.

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