Meet the Researchers

Naoyuki Onoe

Associate Director

Dr. Angshuman Ghosh

Associate Director

Dr. Pankaj Shivdayal Wasnik

Associate Principal Research Scientist

More than a peek into our Researchers & their stories

At Sony, we strive to create a world where the diversity of our people shines, making them feel at home.
We enthuse them to find their wings and fly toward their dreams of future research and innovation

The one who challenges the status quo

Nikhil’s proposal resulted in a first of its kind multi-organ segmentation algorithm for ultrasound images. After testing the results of his PhD, he developed cutting edge technology for object detection, segmentation and quantification in 3D ultrasound volumes of the ovary.

The one who leads and inspires others through his love for data

Adding to the feathers on his cap, Angshuman is also an official member and contributor of the prestigious Forbes Technology Council and was awarded LinkedIn Spotlight 2019 for being one of the most inspiring and engaging leaders.

The one who is an Expert in Computer Vision and Biometrics

Pankaj aims to create end to end innovative solutions through rigorous R&D while working at Sony.

Our Intern Stories

A peek into their World of Wonder. The #SonyWOW internship is a world in itself where interns blend into Sony’s curiosity to dream, create and innovate with care, learning to bring reality closer to people.

“Sony as a company or brand needs no introduction. The kind of successful products and services it has given to the society is truly remarkable. My favourite part of interning at Sony would be, the people, my fellow interns ,my manager, the HR and how they have helped me in every step of my journey. All of us fellow interns shared a great camaraderie. Sony Research India gave me the freedom to create really powerful and engaging solutions and I knew that whatever we create will be used by millions of people. That was empowering! Sony Research India is the ideal place for people who have a passion for their work and the desire to make an impact—in their careers, in the community and on the world. If you thrive in environments of “deep thinking” and fast-paced entrepreneurial execution, then this is the place for you. I would seriously consider myself lucky if I would be able to work at Sony Research India for a long time.”

"Aditya Srivastava, IIT Roorkee"

Software Engineer Intern, Sony Research India

“Working at Sony has been a great opportunity, a childhood dream come true. Here, I got a chance to experience the process of developing some products that I’ve been admiring for years, from a research perspective. The leaders at Sony are inspiring and their willingness to constantly learn and unlearn, are my key takeaways from the #SonyWOW internship. It truly was a ‘World of Wonder’ for me!

"Janani Ramaswamy, IIT Madras"

Computer Vision Intern at Sony Research India

“Interning at Sony gave me a platform to carry out various experiments and execute out of the box ideas to learn deeply about the audio and speech processing domain. Starting from the Walkman to the industrial leading noise cancelling ear-buds, Sony has made its mark in the Audio industry. I was fascinated with the products that Sony produced. I was keenly interested to understand the engineering and research talent that works behind it from the very idea generation to the product launch stage. The #SonyWOW internship gave me that chance and I’m extremely glad for it!

"Raj Gohil, IIT Kanpur"

Speech Processing Intern at Sony Research India

“I have been a regular user of Sony products from a very young age, from PlayStations to headphones. This established Sony as an impactful brand, since my childhood days. My fondness for the brand has only grown since it recently earned a name as one of the top companies in the world, in Computer Vision and Graphics. With Sony’s research division in India, being able to pursue research in one of the top companies in the world, in an area of my personal interest, was a dream coming true for me!! At Sony Research India, you are empowered to work on things you are passionate about. You’ll be given autonomy. Your ideas will matter. It’s really cool to enable people to use the power of technology and creativity. Given that Sony is one of the top companies in the world and the awesome work culture at Sony, I love to work at Sony Research India! As they call it #SonyWOW- Step into the World of Wonder, I want to break free to experience the magic of SonyWOW!!"

"Aman Shenoy, BITS Pilani"

Computer Vision Intern at Sony Research India

“As soon as I hear the word "Sony", the words which strike my mind are 'Audio' and 'Video', basically "Multimedia". So, getting an opportunity to work in the Multimedia Team for such a world-class company whose products are used in our daily lives, in our households, motivated me to intern with Sony. Empowerment, equal opportunity, trust, collaboration, and mutual respect is the core culture of the Sony family. I really enjoyed thriving the new challenges and immersive projects everyday, bringing the best out of me, thanks to the constant support and mentoring by the leaders. I felt a sense of WOW experiencing the diversity of the research portfolio and the innovation centric culture at Sony Research India. Indeed, Sony Research India is a “World of Wonder”!! I’d love to work long-term with some of the most innovative thinkers of the research industry, at Sony."

"Nikhil Agarwal, IIT Kharagpur"

Software Engineer Intern, Sony Research India

“Sony has been a company that has covered every possible sector with a wide ranging product portfolio meeting the day to day life needs of a person , be it TV, headphones, camera, playstation etc. It was always a dream of mine to work with the makers of Sony. Being a huge fan of Sony products, I never thought twice before applying to Sony to add value to my favourite company from a research perspective. Sony Research India provides a collaborative and supportive environment. The opportunity to develop my research career and interact with top minds in the research community, for me was an amazing exposure. Having the door open to have my research realized in products and services that will be used worldwide is the real wow factor about interning with Sony!!"

"Saumya Borwankar, NIRMA University Ahmedabad"

Speech processing Intern, Sony Research India

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