Meet the Leaders

Dr. Pankaj Shivdayal Wasnik

Principal Research Scientist

Naoyuki Onoe

Associate Director

Dr. Nirmesh J. Shah

Research Scientist

More than a peek into our Researchers

At Sony, we strive to create a world where the diversity of our people shines, making them feel at home.
We enthuse them to find their wings and fly toward their dreams of future research and innovation

The one who is an Expert in Computer Vision and Biometrics

Pankaj aims to create end to end innovative solutions through rigorous R&D while working at Sony.

The one with a Vision for Healthcare Technology

Dr. S. K. Agrawal carries core research expertise to develop affordable handheld healthcare devices and aims to build easy-to-use digital healthcare devices using cutting-edge AI technology for the common man,…

Our Intern Stories

A peek into their World of Wonder. The #SonyWOW internship is a world in itself where interns blend into Sony’s curiosity to dream, create and innovate with care, learning to bring reality closer to people.

“Working at a company like Sony specially in its R&D division is a dream come true. You are part of an organization which is loved and revered by millions of people around the world. I have been given the opportunity to work with other research scientists on state-of-the-art technologies on deep learning and computer vision domain and publish research papers in top conferences. At Sony Research India, the work culture is awesome, and the resources are immense. The thing that I love most is that your ideas matter here. You are provided with full support and autonomy to brainstorm and materialize your own ideas and bring fruitful results on the table. The leaders here are extremely helpful and always motivate you to bring the best in yourself. The thing that drives me and excites me most is that my research work here when implemented in products and services will help millions of consumers of Sony. What else does one want as a computer vision researcher?”

Purbayan Kar

Computer Vision Intern

“Interning at Sony Research India has been a fruitful, learning experience. From thinking about platforms in a simple frontend/backend architecture, I got to learn a lot about how to build end-to-end systems at the production level, and their orchestration and deployment on the cloud. I got the opportunity to work on real-life projects challenging daily life issues. I got exposure to practices followed at the industry level."

Dewansh Rawat

Full Stack Intern

“Sony is one of those companies I’ve always looked at in reverential awe. The firm is known for its quality products and for having a strong foothold in various industries - ranging from consumer electronics to movies and music labels, throughout the world. Applying for this internship is probably one of the smartest decisions I made, and I’ve found my niche here in Sony Research India. Here we’re given the responsibility and the credit for taking key engineering decisions that directly affect the quality of the products we develop, at a production level. New ideas are always encouraged here, and this makes it a perfect environment for a young engineer, like myself, to try and come up with innovative ideas to build better products. We’re also surrounded by excellent scholars, scientists, and researchers, who constantly guide us to become better engineers and researchers. The experience and the exposure that I’ve received working here in Sony Research India is something that I’m very grateful for. Thank you, Sony!"

Vishakhavel Shanmuganathan

Cloud Solutions Intern

“From my childhood, I have been a huge fan of Sony products, mostly their quality, ranging from TVs, cameras, headphones to PlayStations. It's a dream come true to intern at Sony Research India. It is the Sony culture to empower, to offer equal opportunity, to collaborate, and to express mutual respect. As a Data Science Intern working in cutting-edge technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, AWS, I am extremely fortunate to work with great minds. It gave me the freedom to be able to create powerful and engaging solutions that will be used by millions of people all over the world. There is excellent Guidance and Mentorship here to help you achieve your goals. Every day, I am delighted to be surrounded by the #SonyWOW culture with challenges and immersive projects."

Sai Durga Kamesh Kota

Data Science Intern

“I still remember the day I received the offer for working at Sony Research India. From that day till now, it has been a wonderful journey here. I got the opportunity to work on real life projects under guidance of such experienced people. Also, one thing which amazed me was the way in which I am allocated tasks during my internship, starting with easy level tasks of projects and then slowly the level was increased. Adding to it the amazing aspect of working at Sony is that the personal life of employees is always taken care off and if there is emergency or need of a leave, the process is super smooth. Ranging from working on Recommendation Systems of OTT Platform to celebrating festivals or any occasion, Sony Research India provides opportunity and experience in all aspects."

Satyendra Pandey

Data Science Intern

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