Data Science Interns at Sony Research India share their experience firsthand!

By Kamesh Kota and Satyendra Pandey, Interns at Sony Research India

6th January 2022

The ‘Sony WOW Internship Programme’ has welcomed some exceptional young talented individuals who were given the opportunity to research on the world-class cutting-edge technology behind Sony products and work with renowned researchers of their field. Two talented individuals, Kamesh and Satyendra, both Data Science Interns at Sony Research India , share their experiences with us.
Sai Durga Kamesh Kota, Data Science Intern
Satyendra Pandey, Data Science Intern

1. What made you apply for an internship at Sony Research India?

Since his childhood, Kamesh has been a big fan of Sony products mainly because of the quality of its products ranging from the television, camera, headphones to PlayStation, and more. Whilst he was looking for an internship opportunity he came across the job opening for a ‘Data Science Intern’ at Sony Research India. He said “I got an inner feeling that I should apply for this because by this I can be a part of the Sony Data Science Team where it will be helpful for both my passion towards technology, research interests and to contribute and become a part of Sony”.

Satyendra happens to be a passionate Data Science enthusiast as well. Whilst he was looking for opportunities to gain some real-world experience on how Data Science is applied in the industry, he discovered the internship program at Sony Research India on LinkedIn and applied immediately. He says, “I was very sure that Sony being an internationally leading tech company would surely give me an opportunity to work on real-world projects. Also, Sony Liv is a quite new OTT platform and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to work on the projects from an initial stage and also get guidance from leaders in this field”.

2. So far, what has been your experience at SRI?

Kamesh: His experience at Sony Research India has been great. He says, “I am getting good exposure in terms of technology and understanding how corporate culture works. The guidance and mentorship towards achieving the tasks have been really helpful for a fresher like me. I got the chance to work on cutting-edge technologies like Data Science, Machine Learning, AWS, Big Data. The support from the Sony Research India HR Team in every aspect is remarkable. People here value your thoughts and consider your words which makes us a team. I got to be a part of projects where petabytes of data get processed to eventually construct a solution that will be consumed by millions of customers all across the world”.
Satyendra: So far Satyendra’s experience with Sony has been awesome. When asked about it he says, “I had a great experience where I learned a lot under the guidance of my mentors Prosenjit Sir and Angshuman Sir.” He adds, there are a lot of fun activities conducted by the HR department which lightens the entire pressure of work. I must say that the Human Resource Team at Sony Research India is innovative and even during work from home they bring out some very innovative ways to conduct activities. Sony Research India did not only support its employees during working hours, but also held various vaccine drives and sent over goodie bags with laptop stands, bags, diaries, T-shirts, and other things too. The work culture at Sony is very supportive and if we need any help whether technical or non-technical, all the seniors are always ready to help. Truly it has been an awesome experience”.

3. Do you see yourself working at SRI for a long time? And why?

Kamesh said, “Yes, it is because the work culture and respect given to every individual in Sony Research India is at a top-notch level. For every task you work on, you will be rightfully credited which makes us feel satisfied. No doubt, Sony Research India is a great place to work and I am looking forward to working here for a long time”.

Here’s what Satyendra had to say about the same, “Sony Research India is a wonderful organization with numerous opportunities both in technical and managerial roles. If given the right opportunity I will surely be very happy to work here. In my short experience as an intern at Sony Research India, I learned a lot of things and met a lot of wonderful people. Adding to this, the work culture and environment is very friendly and altogether a great place to work. Also, Sony gives an opportunity to work on new projects with cutting-edge technology which in itself is a big reason for wanting to work here.

At Sony Research India, it gives us immense joy to be able to offer fulfilling experiences through the Sony WOW Internship program. We look forward to providing rewarding internships and nurturing young talent into the best researchers the industry can offer.
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