Dreams To Reality

20th January 2022

About three months ago, the Sony Research India family decided to provide a platform to give wings to the dream projects of research enthusiasts. The stage was open to new ideas, new visions, new stories & newer dreams that would be turned into reality by means of mentorship and sponsorship.
Here’s a write-up that will enlighten you with what went around backstage when it came to our #DreamsToReality initiative.
As a company that encourages young talent to endeavour and explore their specialties, we wanted to create an exclusive platform for the talented youth who had ideas that would contribute to innovative technological advancements.
We planned on providing an open opportunity for everyone who had a dream to share and the one thing we were looking forward to the most was being privy to research projects of these budding individuals who wanted to make a change in the world.

Where It All Started

The sole idea of the #DreamsToReality contest was to support & sponsor the research project that had the potential for creating an impact in the future, and most importantly, was in line with our Sony values. With the level of competition & innumerable entries, we at Sony Research India planned on bringing together an unbiased panel that would choose a deserving candidate and help turn their dreams into reality.
We kicked off the campaign by encouraging the audience to start sending in their entries by sharing the details of their research project and their justification of how the sponsorship from us would help them in making the dream come true.

The Hunt For Dreamers

We started receiving entries from all across the country and were thrilled to see that our nation has some true visionaries that have great ideas in store for the future! We saw projects that ranged from cloud hosting to VR & AR. Our research team at Sony Research India diligently went through each and every proposal.

One Step Closer To The Winner

After a month and a half of receiving entries & mindfully going through them all, the team had made the list of the ‘Top 13’ research projects that would move on to Round Two of the contest. Each one of them was keen to bring their best foot forward for Round Two and put up a good fight to turn their #DreamsToReality.
After a two-month-long campaign, we had finally reached the last lap of the #DreamsToReality campaign! The Sony Research India family had set the date for a live session where a panel of judges, contestants, their friends & family, and everyone with an interest in data science & research could come together.

The Day

Our panel of judges, Dr. Praveen Patil, Dr. Angshuman Ghosh & Mr. Naoyuki Onoe from Sony Research India were all set to listen to the research projects of the contestants & mindfully choose a winner who would receive mentorship and sponsorship from Sony Research India , giving wings to their dream project. It was a two-hour-long session that saw the contestants sharing their ideas, receiving some feedback & tips from professionals. We also had a live voting round for the audience to choose their favourite projects.

Finally, Mr. Shivu Chauhan from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology was chosen as the winner!
His dream is to create a ‘tactile suit embedded with shape-memory-alloy wires that would revolutionise VR’ immersion. Sony Research India is excited to support him by helping his dream turn to reality. We look forward to working with Shivu in the coming months and we hope his success through #DreamsToReality will ignite many such young researchers in India to innovate for a better society.

The #DreamsToReality campaign, helped us come across many outstanding projects. This journey led by us has been eye-opening, insightful & has proved to be a great platform to take a look at fresh ideas! We look forward to providing platforms that offer the world more research opportunities.
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