From Campus to Sony Wow

By Aditya Srivastava, Full Stack Engineer Intern at Sony Research India

11th October 2021

Imagine a world where dreams are nurtured, and core values include sparking curiosity to create, innovate and invent, all at once! Sony Research India is a ‘World of Wonder’ where you will be given the opportunity to research and learn about the world-class, cutting-edge technology behind Sony products and discover your dreams in the process. In less than one year of the ‘Sony WOW Internship Programme’ opening its doors to new talent, we have welcomed and nurtured some very talented young researchers and would like you to hear about their experience at Sony Research India, first-hand.

What made you apply for an Internship at Sony Research India?

When asked about what made them apply for the position of an intern at Sony Research India, this is what Janani Ramaswamy from IIT Madras said, “The consistent performance of the company and the unwavering trust amidst people is truly unbelievable. It had been a childhood dream to work for a company whose products I have personally been a fan of. My internship at Sony Research India was a great opportunity because I was privy to the processes of developing some of their products from a research perspective.”
According to Saumya Borwankar, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Sony has been a company with a vast product portfolio such as televisions, headphones, play stations, cameras and music systems to meet the social needs of everyone. “It was always a dream of mine to work at Sony. Being a huge fan of Sony products, I never thought twice before applying for an internship at Sony with a view of adding value to my favourite company from a research perspective.”

What has been your favorite part of the internship?

Aditya Srivastava (Full Stack Engineer Intern)

Aditya Srivastava feels that the highlight of his internship experience would be his fellow interns, reporting manager and human resources team. He said, “They have helped along every step of my journey at Sony, right from a smooth onboarding process to ending with a joyful Christmas celebration studded with the thrill of receiving and sending gifts to each other. My manager, Pankaj Wasnik Sir has been an integral part of this internship, he is open minded and let’s me develop my own ideas and implement them in my projects. He is considerate, appreciative and has been my go-to mentor for everything. I seriously look forward to a great rapport with him even after the internship.”

“The interns not only own the freedom to express their ideas but also get an opportunity to work on them, irrespective of their educational background and the prior experience they have in that domain.”
-Janani Ramaswamy (Computer Vision Research Engineer Intern)
Janani Ramaswamy, from IIT Madras says that “ the open-mindedness of the leaders in the team, their unbiased opinions, honest feedback and their willingness to constantly learn and unlearn, are key takeaways from this internship. The interaction that was promoted amongst the interns and members of other teams made it easier to collaborate and learn a lot of new things across various fields. Ultimately, the respect and appreciation the interns receive at Sony for their work, make it a great learning process overall.”

Is Sony Research a company you see yourself working at long-term?

Aditya Srivastava says, “Sony Research India provides everything a job seeker could ask for, right from a great work environment, open mindedness of leaders, amazing managers, fellow team members to never-ending perks.” He said he would consider himself very lucky to be able to work at Sony Research for a long time.

“I am driven to be the best at what i do and i want to work somewhere where i’ll have opportunities to develop my skills, take on interesting projects, and work with people i can really learn from. Some of the most innovative thinkers in the industry work at Sony and that’s the big reason why i would love to build a career here.”
-Nikhil Agarwal (Software Engineer Intern)
Raj Gohil, IIT Kanpur expressed that working with SONY for a long-term would be a dream. He absolutely loved working with experienced mentors on projects to develop world-class products. Together with the Sony Research team, he would want to win the hearts of people all over the world.
“As a researcher, you will get a chance to nurture your passions in a world that thrives on endless creativity, openness, collaboration and innovation. Working for Sony Research India is not just a job, it is stepping into a World of Wonder,” Raj exclaimed.
We at Sony Research India, are committed towards building a diverse environment where individuals can come together with a sense of purpose, to create, deliver, innovative technology and new entertainment culture that can make a difference in people’s everyday lives. We are honored to be able to offer great learning experiences to our interns, to support and guide them along the way. We are extremely proud of the contributions they make to their respective departments at Sony Research India.
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