“How I Landed an Internship at Sony Research India and My Learnings from the Job…”

By Dhruv Laad and Purbayan Kar, Interns at Sony Research India

04th May 2022

Dhruv Laad and Purbayan Kar share their individual experiences of their internship applications, the interview process, and their learnings from working at Sony Research India.
Why did you apply for an internship at Sony Research India?
Dhruv Laad: Although I had prior research experience in Machine Learning, it was in an academic lab setting. I wanted to experience how research teams in the industry function, the kind of technologies they use to scale up their solutions, and the different experiments they develop to accurately evaluate their models. The Data Science Internship at Sony Research India offered the perfect opportunity to do so.
Purbayan Kar: After conducting three years of research in Deep Learning under the supervision of my college professor, by my 3rd year, I had four research papers (Hyperspectral Imaging, Designing Optimizers, and One-shot learning) under my belt. This made me apply for internships in the research domain to get industry exposure outside of an academic structure. I always wanted to get the taste of working at an MNC like Sony and knowing that great things are innovated here, motivated me to apply for the Computer Vision internship at Sony Research India.
Tell us about your application process and what helped you stand out from the crowd?
Dhruv Laad: I applied for the Data Science Internship via a LinkedIn job posting and was directly contacted by the Talent Acquisition Team. My prior research work, both quality, and variety helped me stand out from the other applicants. In the interview that followed, I was able to connect well with my manager and was able to answer all the questions that were asked.
Purbayan Kar: Having applied for the position of Computer Vision intern; I was thrilled when I got a call from the HR department to schedule an interview. My application stood out because of my relevant research experience which was part of the job requirement. Having prior experience with semi/supervised learning and Vision Transformers was an ask in the job description, and my resume included both. My research papers in various deep learning domains helped my resume cut through the noise. In the interviews, I was able to successfully convey the contributions I had done in my prior research and explained how I would approach a research problem at hand. The interviews went well, and I was selected for the internship.
What has been your overall learning experience at the company?
Dhruv Laad: I got to experience working on challenging problems, and developed solutions, where I also made sure they are viable in terms of scalability and compute cost. Setting up support architecture for certain projects, like data pipelines, evaluations, etc. at Sony’s scale was a novel learning experience. I was pushed beyond my comfort zone and have come out more knowledgeable and competent.
Purbayan Kar: What I love most about working at Sony Research India is that we are dedicated to core research. The leaders here are extremely supportive and always encourage us to share our ideas. I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with fellow researchers and work on exciting problems in the Deep Learning domain. While building solutions and algorithms for projects, I have learned so many intricate concepts which have made me a better researcher today.
As a researcher at Sony Research India, you will be able to nurture your passions in a world that thrives on endless creativity, openness, collaboration, and innovation. If Dhruv and Purbayan’s experiences excite you, head to our Jobs page on LinkedIn because working for Sony Research India is not just a job, it is a stepping stone into a ‘World of Wonder’!
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