How Sony Research India has Transformed over the past Two Years

By Nirmesh Shah, Senior Research Scientist at Sony Research India

19th July 2022

As we celebrate 2 years since the establishment of Sony Research India, Nirmesh Shah, Senior Research Scientist and one of the first employees at Sony Research India shares his perspective as he has watched the company grow over the past two years.

Nirmesh Shah, Senior Research Scientist

What interested me to take up a role at Sony Research India?

Sony as a brand has always represented quality to me. Being a Ph.D. student in the audio/speech field I was aware of Sony’s contributions to the audio industry. They have made notable contributions to the electronics, camera, entertainment, and gaming industries and I believe that working at Sony Research India is one of my greatest professional achievements so far. In addition to this, one of the offices is based out of Mumbai and personally for me the location is very convenient. All these factors encouraged me to apply for a role at Sony Research India.

The experience of being one of the first employees

Being acknowledged as Sony Research India’s first employee is an honour for me. I have had numerous opportunities to closely observe how the organization is developing and making a difference in several innovative, open research fields.  My manager, and HR team members who were already associated with Sony Research India, supported me and ensured I was settled in well during my initial days.  Being one of the first employees, when other members joined, I was able to pass on a few pieces of helpful information to them, which made it easier for me to establish close connections with them. Moreover, being one of the first members, I had the privilege to meet and interact closely with all the Sony Research India members from the early days as well as those who joined after me.

The changes in the organization over 2 years

One of the most obvious changes I can see at Sony Research India is how much we have expanded in terms of computational resources. I have also seen an exponential rise in terms of the number of research fields Sony Research India is contributing over the past two years.
When we first started in 2020, the working style was remote, but now we have the option of adopting a hybrid working style. Hence, I believe that the organization is actively updating their policies to support our requests.

What has remained the same over 2 years

One thing which has remained same is that being part of Sony’s global R&D labs, Sony Research India has always encouraged me and given me the opportunity to work with other global R&D colleagues. The second is the supportive work environment. People here are very supportive and always open to collaborative working.

What I enjoy about working at Sony Research India

The best part of working at Sony Research India is getting the chance to interact with highly skilled co-workers. I am constantly picking up new state-of-the-art tools and technologies and developing my soft skills. I enjoy working here because I feel like I am growing on many levels. The research topics and problems I have been working on are extremely difficult, which makes my work more interesting and makes me love my job. On a personal level, the flexible work schedule, fun employee events and occasional gifts and goodies make me very happy.
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