Mr. Rakshith Karpur pens down some important tips to keep in mind before applying for an internship at Sony Research India

By Rakshith Karpur, Talent Acquisition Lead at Sony Research India

11th October 2021

The process to crack your application for an internship at Sony Research India can be a bit of a daunting task because of the high volume of applicants, the thorough interview process and limited roles to fill. Our Talent Acquisition Lead at Sony Research India, Mr. Karpur gives us an insight into what it takes to create an impactful internship application that would make you stand out from the crowd. The tips he has penned down will not only help you understand if you are the perfect fit for the role, but also how to crack the interview gracefully.

Rakshith Karpur (Talent Acquisition Lead at Sony Research India )

The main qualities Sony looks for in an intern?

He explains, “Researchers will interview and understand technical skills from the research project standpoint. However, the selection process goes beyond that. We follow a structured interview process to bring out the less visible components like traits and motives of the candidate. The main qualities Sony looks for are dreams, curiosity, sincerity and integrity aligned to the global values of the organization.”
“To Sony, cultural fit is of great importance. We believe in allowing our interns the freedom of expression. Their inclination to work, involvement and contribution to the research community make a lot of difference on an implicit level. They must have the drive to innovate and the urge to join Sony as an employee.”
“A candidate that has the Right combination of technical skills and core characteristics that drive superior performance would be the ideal candidate for us”
“A candidate that has the right combination of technical skills and core characteristics that drive superior performance would be the ideal candidate for us.”

How can one make their CV stand out?

“Sony Research India is looking at specific technical qualifications based on the role of the internship. Candidates need to carefully understand if they are a fit for that exact position before sending in the application, instead of trying to fit into a position that is far from their expertise.
Resumes should be as digital as possible and one must use business oriented language. Mentioning statistics and highlighting achievements quantitatively creates a much better impact. The use of technical jargon might look good on a CV, only if the candidate understands what the jargon means. Copying resumes and using templates from the internet is never the right way to go because there is no right approach. To make your CV stand out, keep it crisp by mentioning the amount of information that is required.
A full stack intern can make their CV stand out with links to their portfolio as proof of their accomplishments. For example, if they have coded something on Github, providing the link shows the researcher the extent of their work. Attaching links to projects delivered, would assist in better evaluation.”
“Sony Research India looks at accomplishments and project experience, candidates must highlight academics and outstanding performance in the technical areas. Candidates can bifurcate their CV into 4 parts:


  1. Work Experience
  2. Academic info,
  3. Specific Skills and
  4. Projects”
Lastly, a grammar check is very important, while you might spend hours perfecting your CV, grammatical errors can come off as unprofessional and as though you haven’t read through your CV. While key words are important, they should actually be relevant to the individual.”

How should candidates prepare for an interview?

“Preparing for an interview would help reduce interview stress and make the candidate feel more confident. There is ample information about the company on the Sony Research India website. The job descriptions are realistic and provide the exact nature of the role and responsibilities. In case of any doubts about the role or company, the candidate can always ask the recruiter when they connect with them.”

How should one answer questions that they do not know the answer to?

“If the candidate does not have an answer, it is better to admit it, rather than building a story. It is ideal to accept that they do not have the knowledge about the subject, but they could mention what they think the right answer would be, making it very clear that it is only an assumption. This communicates to the interviewer that they don’t know but they are still trying.”

Any more tips to future Sony internship applicants?

“Most importantly, follow the Sony Research India page, be a part of the conversation. Read the job description thoroughly and apply only if you are a fit, do not apply for the sake of it. Be a thorough professional, it really matters. Sony Research India is a company with strong values and is looking for candidates who are hungry to learn and have the drive to make a difference. That is what will differentiate you from others.”
“Candidates must have the proactiveness to follow Sony Research India as well as our key researchers on social media to understand what we do at Sony and how they can add value to the company. ”
Mr. Karpur has summed up exactly what it takes to create a great application. We hope this information can help you create a more refined application for your dream role at Sony Research India and help turn your dream of interning with us into reality.
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