My journey at Sony Research India

By Saumya Borwankar and Krystelle Menezes

10th August 2022

Saumya Borwankar and Krystelle Menezes share their journey of starting their careers as interns and going on to become members of Sony Research India.

What made you apply for an internship at SRI?

Krystelle: The job description of the Digital Marketing Internship was exactly in line with the role I was looking for and most importantly, working for Sony Research India seemed like a great opportunity because of a startup sized organization backed by the Sony brand and culture.

Saumya: The work at Sony Research India aligned with my career goals. I always wanted to work in speech domain, and it doesn’t get better than Sony.

Describe your journey from being a #SonyWOW Intern to a member at Sony Research India?

Krystelle: Initially, I was hired for an internship for a duration of 6 months. In terms of my responsibilities, I was always given creative freedom to speak my mind. Sony Research India is a data driven company, and if I back my work with data and results, every suggestion is always given due consideration. This is what I loved the most about interning here.

Interns are treated as equals and are included in the decision-making process which directly impacts the company. Despite working from home, I had a great equation with everyone in my team, giving me a sense of belonging at Sony , making it even harder to think of working elsewhere at the end of my internship.
Towards the end of the tenure, when my manager and I had the conversation about becoming a member of Sony Research India, I was thrilled to be recognized for my work and to be given the opportunity to continue adding value at Sony Research India. Ultimately, it was my hard work, passion towards my role and responsibilities and willingness to go the extra mile instead of just doing what I asked to, that helped me become a valuable member of the organisation.

Saumya: By the time I graduated, I had already completed interning at Sony for 9 months. Being able to deliver two fully functional microservices for ongoing projects I was asked to step with a Research consultant position. My work on voice activity detection and speaker diarisation, along with my contribution in other teams made my conversion from an intern to member go smoothly.

What advice would you give to freshers interested in a career at Sony Research India?

Krystelle: Sony Research India is a great place to work in terms of exposure, learning experience, work culture and great peers. Here you will receive various training and development opportunities to be better at your job and upskill for your own benefit. Working at Sony is truly a great career opportunity.

Saumya: A lot of students have asked me for referrals for opportunities at Sony and my observation is that most of them did not have prior research experience. My advice to freshers would be to get involved in more research groups in your college and get as much research experience as you can as it will help your application at Sony Research India stand out.

At Sony Research India we offer you the opportunity to create, innovate and invent, all at once. You will nurture your passions in a world that thrives on endless innovation. If you would like to step into the world of wonder, apply for the Sony WOW internship program today! Sony Research India: Jobs | LinkedIn
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