Nikhil Agarwal, IIT Kharagpur

“As soon as I hear the word “Sony”, the words which strike my mind are ‘Audio’ and ‘Video’, basically “Multimedia”. So, getting an opportunity to work in the Multimedia Team for such a world-class company whose products are used in our daily lives, in our households, motivated me to intern with Sony.

Empowerment, equal opportunity, trust, collaboration, and mutual respect is the core culture of the Sony family. I really enjoyed thriving the new challenges and immersive projects everyday, bringing the best out of me, thanks to the constant support and mentoring by the leaders.

I felt a sense of WOW experiencing the diversity of the research portfolio and the innovation centric culture at Sony Research India. Indeed, Sony Research India is a “World of Wonder”!! I’d love to work long-term with some of the most innovative thinkers of the research industry, at Sony.”

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